Facilitating an Expert-Matched Manufacturing Opportunity

Smart Connected Services Strategy


Bennit’s innovative product, The Manufacturing Exchange, serves as a dynamic platform that connects manufacturing opportunities with a diverse pool of subject matter experts (SMEs). This use case illustrates how Bennit’s technology seamlessly matches a manufacturing opportunity with multiple experts, streamlining the process and ensuring optimal outcomes for all involved parties


A manufacturer sought expert help to define a smart connected services strategy to help boost product offerings, customer satisfaction, and competitiveness but lacked in-house expertise. The manufacturer leveraged Bennit’s Manufacturing Exchange to find the best subject matter expert. 

Bennit's Manufacturing Exchange

Streamline the engagement, documents, and financial transactions for the multiple stakeholders, offering a centralized interface for the manufacturer.

Posting the Opportunity

The manufacturer created a detailed listing outlining their specific requirements.

AI-Powered Matchmaking

The Manufacturing Exchange’s sophiticated algorithms analyzed the listing’s criteria and searched for potential subject matter experts. 

Expert Profiling

The manufacturer accesses through their portal a list of SME profiles that match their requirements. These profiles include detailed information about the experts’ experiences. 


Timely Results

Through the Manufacturing Exchange, the manufacturer and potential SME candidate were able to initate discussions: ask questions, share project details, and negotiate terms. The lead SME was selected.

SME Evaluations

Due to the scope of the project, additional SMEs were needed. The selection was conducted by the lead SME and further selection was completed utilizing Bennit’s Manufacturing Exchange.

Bennit, One Point of Contact

Through a solitary contact point at Bennit, the manufacturer seamlessly connected with multiple SMEs under a unified contract, Bennit took charge of handling both contractual agreements for all parties involved and financial transactions, streamlining the manufacturer’s interactions.

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