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Industry's seeker-solver dilemma

Industry has plenty of experienced practitioners. And solution providers. And domain experts, consultants, and gurus. Yet their knowledge and capabilities barely reach the masses of manufacturers who need their help.

Therein lies the challenge and where we fix our focus:
on delivering frictionless access to the experts and their expertise manufacturers need to drive capabilities and competitiveness.


Process experts, industrial problem solvers

Systems Integrators

Technology, application, and architecture experts


Operations, lean, and asset performance

Solution Providers

Software, hardware, and IIoT solutions

Passionate that people make the difference

Technology won't save manufacturing. Manufacturers will.

Seeker-Solver Exchange Beta Program now open!

BennitAI exists to make manufacturers’ lives easier. We’re working to give them frictionless access to the resources they need to compete, starting with the domain and application knowledge and expertise in the systems integrator community. We’re working closely with a select group of forward-thinking leaders to build an industrial services marketplace to serve more manufacturers. A lot more.

As Operations Become More Digital, Businesses Become More Personal

Bennit knows there’s value in technology, but only if it helps your people work better. We make sure they’re at the center of everything you do.

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Connects workers to the Data and Expert

Bennit A.I. layers across existing technologies to drastically simplify and improve access to information, helping industrial users make better decisions and improve business outcomes.

What People Are Saying

Finding the very specific expert resource for a limited engagement is a big challenge today. A platform that eases the process of search, match, admin could make a flexible workplace a reality for those seeking specific expert resources and those willing to provide.

Jose M. Rivera

CEO Control System Integrators Association (CSIA)

Bennit has the potential to slow the knowledge vacuum in the industry by accelerating the onboarding and training of a younger workforce that's more accustomed to digital interactions and experiences.

Simon Jacobsen

VP, Gartner, Cool Vendors in Manufacturing Operations

Bennit fits a need overlooked by nearly everyone - capturing and learning from the data that’s NOT in an automated system. No data strategy is complete without capturing those data.

Ryan Cahalane

President, FZ Corporation, Industrial Technology Division

What we're about

Our purpose is to make manufacturers lives easier, governed by our deeply engrained principles that guide what we do.

Selfless Service

We give equitable access and play fair

Uncomfortable Openness

We are willing to give and share for the benefit of others

Continuous Learning

We always see the learning opportunity

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