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Connecting People to Solve Manufacturing Problems

At Bennit, we believe that connecting manufacturing challenges with the right subject matter experts is the key to success. Bennit’s Manufacturing Exchange is a powerful product that leverages AI to match opportunities with industry professionals, ensuring successful project outcomes.

 We help remove the friction.

How it works

Our mission is to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by providing a seamless and efficient process for connecting manufacturers with the expertise they need. With The Bennit Manufacturing Exchange, we aim to simplify the post, match, and connect stages, enabling manufacturers to quickly and effortlessly collaborate with the right experts.


Post your problem or skill

At Bennit, we operate as a dynamic two-sided exchange, catering to both those with challenges and those with solutions. Whether you have a problem that needs solving or possess valuable skills to offer, Bennit diligently tracks all your requirements and skills to facilitate seamless connections.


Bennit will match the opportunity with experts

Using The Bennit Manufacturing Exchange, we harness the power of advanced algorithms and an extensive network of industry professionals to identify the perfect match for each opportunity.


Bennit connects the parties

We specialize in facilitating connections between parties, offering a seamless communication channel that fosters collaboration. By making quick and easy connections through our platform, you can unlock innovative solutions for your projects – in record time.

Are you a seeker
or a solver

At Bennit, we believe that connecting manufacturing challenges with the right subject matter experts is the key to success. That’s why we developed The Manufacturing Exchange™, a place for manufacturers with challenges can find people with the skills to help.

Whether you’re a Seeker or a Solver (or both!) we’ll have you up and connecting in no time!



Resource Constrained

Special Skills Required

Geographic Limitations

Industry Application Challenges

Domain Specific Training


Individual Subject Matter Experts

System Integrators

Technology Providers




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We understand the importance of making informed business decisions that benefit your company and your customers. In a rapidly changing manufacturing landscape, it is impossible to be an expert in every facet.

We believe you don’t have to tackle these challenges alone.